Cork tree, American Cedarwood, Madagascar Ylang-Ylang flower, Egyptian Geranium, Amazonian Rosewood, Sri Lankan Palmarosa Grass and an organic plant-based Varnish.


Cedarwood anchors our olfactory composition whose camphoraceous aroma suggests a fine heirloom chest, cigar boxes and the freshness of pencil shavings. Cedar harmonizes with the rich complexities of Rosewood, citrus elements and Petitgrain which merges with Geranium, Lemongrass, and Bergamot. Spicy – peppery – the flowery depth of Ylang-Ylang recalls Citrus, Banana, Jasmine and even a tangy rich custard that feels like new tires. The natural rubber connects with the deep plant Varnish, which holds the cork together.


As part of our mission to foster reverence for Earth’s multifaceted offerings, we are committed to practicing ecological and humanitarian responsibility in everything that we do. When sourcing products and botanicals around the world, we prioritize ethical fair trade and equitable exchange with the indigenous communities who create and steward these natural treasures.


Sustainably sourced Bio-Cork bark is harvested in the Alentejo region of Portugal from industrial use remnants. The cork is charred, compressed, varnished, and imbued with a variety of botanical essences and aromatic oils. The result is deeply soothing and stimulating to the senses.