Representing a synergy of soil,
and discipline of ancient tradition
and modern creation.

A sensorial sharing of art,
botany, culture, travel, science an
mother nature.
A Collaboration with Nature
Bio Alchemy Olfactive is an environmentally-
focused aromatic design lab forging
meaningful connections
between humanity
and earth.
With a portfolio of clients spanning the disciplines of architecture, hospitality, beauty, and wellness, Bio Alchemy Olfactive creates custom olfactory concepts that reveal new dimensions of sensory and aesthetic experience.

All Bio Alchemy Olfactive offerings evoke the healing benefits of plants and encourage us to live in harmony with our environment, created with a focus on sustainability, efficacy, and integrity. With profound admiration for botanical species native to climate zones across the world, Bio Alchemy Olfactive is committed to the conservation of ecosystems that allow these plants to thrive and the local and indigenous communities that have cultivated them for centuries.

A sincere interest in intelligent and
sustainable design extends to every aspect of Bio Alchemy’s work.
Chief Alchemist
Michelle K. Gagnon
Michelle K. Gagnon, founder of Bio Alchemy Olfactive is a bio alchemist, natural perfumer, distiller, scent therapist and aromatic designer. She works exclusively and extensively with wildcrafted/organic materials and essential oils sourced from farms and artisanal distilleries around the world.

With the belief that plants are master communicators and repositories of culture, Michelle continuously explores and learns from the botanical materials she works with, conceptualizing her formulations to help share the stories of their cultivators.

"Smell represents our most immediate connection to our enviroment.
Getting touch with your nose and
refining your olfactive palette awakens new creative possibilities -
a space for expression, play, and personal transformation."

Michelle K. Gagnon