Olfactory expression
The prime of the earth.


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Through our travels, Bio Alchemy has cultivated relationships with artisanal distillers and superior global facilities that produce the highest quality essential oils
and botanical extractions. All materials are sourced from the most recently available harvest to maintain a high standard of
quality and efficacy.

Our private and partner labs can facilitate bulk orders of oils, medicinal herbs, and lipid-based formulations of Bio Alchemy’s creations, carefully compounded and filled to order for domestic and international clients. A range of production options are available upon request.

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Extraction of the eternal soul

Various plant parts found in nature offer a broad spectrum of scent impression and therapeutic qualities. Through alchemical transformation, we employ a variety of extraction techniques to transform the natural plant into a precious essential oil, optimizing their aroma and chemical profile.

All essential oils and botanical ingredients used in our formulations are of superior pureness. They are organic, sustainably wildcrafted, biodynamic and one hundred percent natural.

Alchemical transformation

Our distillates undergo alchemical transformations that are perfected for each individual plant species, maximizing their potential to bring efficacy and pleasure to all who experience them.

By working with artisanal and master distillers from around the world, and through continuous exploration and experimentation, we work from our innovative and full spectrum aromatic library.

Solvent extraction
Cold press