Mexican Blue Onyx Dish

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Mineral: Onyx, Silicate chalcedony
Origin: Mexico

The beauty of onyx reminds us that nature is unparalleled in her artistry, her materials consisting only of water, minerals, and time. This hand carved dish vibrates in translucent hues of shallow ocean reefs and warm calcite gold. Commonly referred to as onyx marble, Mexican onyx, or Mexican marble, this gorgeous natural stone belongs to the Chalcedony Quartz family and is mined in an area near Mexico city where onyx, calcite, and fluorite are discovered in abundance.

This unique stone possesses rare veins alongside parallel stripes of banded calcite. It is hand carved to a free form oval shape that is perfect for holding smudging herbs, woods, incense and other precious items.

4” x 1.75” 2.65oz

A collaboration with nature

We believe in fostering curiosity and reverence for nature’s biodiversity, employing a scientific and holistic approach to our creations that inspires a reconnection with our most primordial sense and elicits a shift in consciousness.

Nature is our ultimate guide

With profound admiration for botanical species native to climate zones across the world, we strive to spread awareness about the need to conserve the beautiful lands that allow these plants to thrive while giving back to local and indigenous communities that have cultivated them for centuries.

Conscious sourcing

To ensure efficacy and an experience of the highest quality Bio Alchemy Olfactive travels the world to source each botanical ingredient and offering, working closely with farmers, ethnobotanists, harvesters, distillers, and surrounding communities.

Traceability and sustainability are integral to our work. The botanical materials that make up our collection are sourced with an eye towards sustainable growth practices, mindful cultivation and extraction, and reverence for the cultural traditions that have dictated their use for centuries.

All products are formulated in Bio Alchemy Olfactive’s private lab with exclusively sourced ingredients. Each bottle is hand poured, labeled and packaged. Our packaging, from shipping boxes, water activated tape, and protective wrap to shipping labels are plastic free and made from 100% post consumer waste with recycled ink, making them fully recyclable and naturally biodegradable. No forests are damaged in production.

Products packaged in glass vials are intended for reuse and are tied with hand spun natural Peruvian alpaca twine from the women of a small community with whom we work.

We prioritize eco-friendly and responsibly sourced packaging materials in effort to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

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