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Botanical: Lagenaria siceraria
Origin: Mato Grosso, Amazon Jungle, Brazil
Tribe: Tapirapé 

A traditional indigenous bowl carved from wild Amazonian calabash gourd by the Tapirapé, a Tupi-Guarani people who inhabit the region of the Urubu Branco at the mouth of the Tapirapé and Araguaia rivers in north-eastern Mato Grosso, Brasil.

The bowl’s exquisite detail and geometric design are engraved with handmade tools. Black paint on the inside of the bowl, commonly referred to as ‘genipap’ or ‘huito’, is extracted from Genipa americana, a species of trees in the Rubiaceae family whose unripe fruit yields a black liquid commonly used as a dye for skin painting, tattoos, craftwork and insect repellent. A natural varnish obtained from mawata peel forms a protective coating on the inside of the bowl, which has been used for centuries for drinking, cooking and bathing.

 The Tapirapé live in a region of tropical forest, divided by open fields and cerrado, or low vegetation. Craftwork has become their most important commercial activity, allowing them to raise money to purchase other goods that are indispensable to their community.

These bowls are regarded for their excellent craftsmanship and quality, which can be admired in the precision of the geometric shapes carved into each piece.

To clean this item rinse with water and dry completely.

Measures approximately 3.75"H x 3.5"W Weighs 5.84oz

A collaboration with nature

We believe in fostering curiosity and reverence for nature’s biodiversity, employing a scientific and holistic approach to our creations that inspires a reconnection with our most primordial sense and elicits a shift in consciousness.

Nature is our ultimate guide

With profound admiration for botanical species native to climate zones across the world, we strive to spread awareness about the need to conserve the beautiful lands that allow these plants to thrive while giving back to local and indigenous communities that have cultivated them for centuries.

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Traceability and sustainability are integral to our work. The botanical materials that make up our collection are sourced with an eye towards sustainable growth practices, mindful cultivation and extraction, and reverence for the cultural traditions that have dictated their use for centuries.

All products are formulated in Bio Alchemy Olfactive’s private lab with exclusively sourced ingredients. Each bottle is hand poured, labeled and packaged. Our packaging, from shipping boxes, water activated tape, and protective wrap to shipping labels are plastic free and made from 100% post consumer waste with recycled ink, making them fully recyclable and naturally biodegradable. No forests are damaged in production.

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