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Essential Oil
Boswellia sacra
Plant part:
Oleo gum resin
Sultanate of Oman
Hydro distillation, Copper alembic

An ambrosial balsam formed in a dance of dessert sun and silver rains.
Divine wisdom sanctifies with fiery copper and centers with sweet resin.

Boswellia sacra is the sacred Frankincense growing wild in the Dhofar region of Oman, and is the only species of Frankincense found growing on the Arabian peninsula. These wild trees grow and can be found in abundance in a very deserted and restricted natural habitat with a special micro climate. They prefer the arid zone behind the mountains, beyond the reach of the seasonal monsoon rains yet within reach of the cool winds that they bring.

Small incisions made into the bark of the tree, allowing the gum to slowly drip. It is then collected and sorted entirely by hand. Frankincense experiences an alchemical transformation from resin to oil in beautiful copper alembic stills through an artisanal distillation. The resulting oil, commonly referred to as olibanum or luban, is a treasure of the ancient world and still permeates everyday life in Oman. This artisanal distillate has a smooth, multidimensional aroma. Soft and incense-like, its first return paints a portrait of white flowers and dried pineapple before offering rich notes of the woods and desert.

Frankincense oil has an affinity with the respiratory system, nervous system, and the skin. Its presence is centering, peaceful, mysterious and spiritual. An ideal aid in meditation, it has the power to slow down the breath, ease the mind, and promote mental clarity. It also serves as a wonderful addition to skincare treatments and natural fragrances.
We recommend simply inhaling this essential oil throughout the day as necessary to quiet the mind, applying a dab to the pulse points, formulating into skincare preparations and botanical fragrances, and adding a few drops to a diffuser.

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One hundred percent pure essential oil of fine hojari grade Boswellia sacra (Frankincense), sustainably wildcrafted
To maximize the longevity of our essential oils please store away from direct sunlight and heat. Please use with care and dilute properly. Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of reach of children, do not take internally.

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